JoAnn Rodrigues, MFT
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EFT Tapping
What is it?

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping can help with emotional healing in a gentle and rapid way. Easy to learn and use, it can help you release the triggers and overreactions to disturbing emotions.

The trigger to an emotional overreaction can be as simple as someone's tone of voice or an upsetting incident in the present that reminds the body of a past event. It is the overreaction that causes unnecessary anguish and reduces our ability to choose how we react in the present.

As a wonderful adjunct to the therapy process both for adults and children, EFT Tapping can also be used as a stand-alone technique. Guiding my clients through the process, I teach them how to use it on themselves. It becomes another tool they can use outside of sessions to feel better.

Background Information/Certification

One of the most widely used and powerful forms of energy psychology; EFT Tapping is based on acupuncture and instead of needles uses acupressure. I have trained and been certified in the method developed by Gary Craig, which combines the use of cognitive and exposure therapy. Clients follow what I do while tapping on themselves with their fingertips.

There are currently over 50 peer-reviewed studies demonstrating the effectiveness of EFT Tapping.
Many involve scans of the brain. Once the anxious feelings of an event are reduced or eliminated, the brain is able to reprocess the trigger in a healthier way and that processing shows up in the activation centers of the brain.

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