JoAnn Rodrigues, MFT
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Individual, Marriage, Child and Family Therapy
There are several options when it comes to choosing the right therapy model for you or your family. I listen to the needs of my clients to help them decide on the best approach for their situation.

Individual Therapy

I believe that the therapy process is a unique relationship that can allow you to feel safe while exploring behavior patterns that are getting in the way of your enjoyment in life. Life gives us challenges but we can make it harder by holding on to old beliefs and behavior patterns that no longer serve a useful purpose. While the primary focus in individual therapy is on the present it is important to understand the influence of our past. I work with my clients to help them identify and understand behavior patterns in themselves and others so that they achieve clarity and a sense of direction. Using a family system approach to educate my clients about healthy boundaries, I incorporate cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy, emotional freedom technique (EFT) and inner child work to help them move past stuck areas. Once that energy is freed you are able to make better choices in your life and relationships and live life to your full potential.

Family Therapy

The goal for family therapy is to provide the opportunity for all members to be heard and to identify their needs. Education about communication and boundary issues sets the stage for the resolution of conflict with creative problem solving.

I am also available to meet with extended family to help resolve family conflicts that may have happened recently or are of longstanding duration.

Couples Therapy and Co-parenting

At its best the couple relationship nurtures and allows us to grow as individuals. At its worse it is a destructive and painful process. In couples therapy the focus is again on identifying and understanding needs. I use the nonviolent communication approach as a way to help couples correct destructive patterns and learn healthier ways to respond. In co-parenting with separated or divorced couples the goal is to improve communication and understand the needs of the child or children. Improving the interaction between the parents as it focuses on successful parenting improves both the life of the child and the parents.

For couples who would benefit from an intensive intervention, I also work together with a male therapist to provide co-therapy. The couple works with both therapists in couples therapy, getting the combined input and perspective to intervene in destructive patterns of relating.

Child Therapy

I have an area in my office devoted to play therapy. Play therapy involves the use of sand tray, toys, art materials, books and games in an effort to provide the child with the opportunity to express themselves. I provide a safe place for children to interact with an adult who focuses on their needs and concerns while teaching them the value of their feelings. Parents are an important part of the process sometimes participating in the sessions with the child and also in parent sessions where they gain understanding of their child and parenting skills.

EFT Tapping

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping is based on acupuncture. Instead of needles it uses acupressure. Teaching clients to tap on themselves while talking about emotional upset helps them to reprocess negative emotion in a healthier way. It provides another tool to achieve better emotional health and can be used with adults and children.

Fees: $170 per 50 minute session, slight sliding scale available based on need. Credit Cards accepted.

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